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Storm has mentored hundreds of people and teaches group economics. Which can expand your portfolio at a quicker rate. Here are some of what you learn: 

  • How to change and strengthen your mindset 
  • Learn the out-of-state real estate market
  • How to calculate your cash on cash return
  • ​Collaborations with like-minded CEO's like yourself
  • ​Build a healthy relationship between you & your job
  • ​And So Much More...

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Your Job Is A Path Towards FREEDOM But It Is Not A Path Towards WEALTH
While working for Verizon, I used my salary to become a millionaire. How Is usually the next question, and the answer is, by making my job my first business partner. That single adjustment changed my life.

Now I have a weekly mentorship call, instructing hundreds of people on how to do the same thing by purchasing out of state real estate without having to see or manage them. 

This is not an overnight process, it takes time, patience, and understanding. The understanding on how to maximize your paycheck, proper mindset, and the importance of mentorship.  

I want to offer you a one-day VIP all access pass to my mentorship call. During this mentorship call, I'm going to show you everything I've learned about hands off, out of state investing, and I'll also be taking questions. 

My mentor is the reason for my success today because he shared with me so much of his knowledge. He was able to help me avoid millions of dollars in mistakes. By guiding me when I needed it the most. I want to pay that forward with this exclusive VIP all access into my Employed Millionaire Mentorship. 
Meet Some Employed Millionaire Mentees
These are individuals like yourself that have take some steps forward to leveraging their job as their first business partners and building a family legacy that will change their last names FOREVER.

Meet Adrian

Meet Kyle

Meet LaNesha

You Too Can Be An Employed Millionaire 

"The Most Important Part Of Building WEALTH Is Your MINDSET" 

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